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iOS 7 Jailbreak is Here!

Well, sorta…

The iOS 7 jailbreak was released by the Evad3rs team among a ton of controversy that I wont really get into here. After the dust had settled and all the big players released statements the consensus for the end user is that the Evasi0n jailbreak is safe and reliable! But, MobileSubstrate is still not updated, so you are basically limited to jailbreak apps that don’t alter it. Think of MobileSubstrate as a program that runs on top of Springboard and lets jailbreak apps change the way springboard works. It is also a failsafe for when something goes wrong, it allows Springboard to restart without the 3rd party code (the tweak or app) so you can actually get back to a usable mode, (Think safemode!). So, any app that changes the “look” of your device probably isn’t supported yet (winterboard, 5 Icon dock, etc)

photo 2

photo 1

















At the time of writing this, here is a list of compatible tweaks that should help your satiate your jailbreak urges for a little while until we see a Cydia update and the release of updates from devs for their apps. You can find the most current version of this list: here.


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Software Update Killer
ShakeToUndo Killer
Signal 2
Signal Booster (works after crashing on first open)
Not Working:
Flex (throws an error on start up and breaks. Installs though.)
Phantom (Crashes when taking pics, and

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lots of other errors)
Bridge (crashes on startup)
ShowCase (Stays at lowercase, doesn’t have config in settings)
SwipeSelect (Makes deletion/backspace difficult)
PasswordPilot (doesn’t autofill)
Nitrous (Cant verify license)
SleepFX (effects dont work)
Purni Pro (no license verification, misc breaks)
NotesTweak (breaks notes app)

For more info on the scandal associated with the release of this jailbreak check out this awesome thread on reddit by/u/James-Isaac-Neutron. To be clear, it is safe to install Evad3r’s iOS 7 jailbreak on any device, including the new 5s, just know that too much mucking around could be trouble. If you don’t know what you are doing, don’t install a lot of packages and certainly do not set Cydia to developer or Hacker mode. You’d be fucked…

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